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Six Diet Myths About The Total 10 Weight Loss Plan

It is that time of year again when New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s mind and usually the whole ‘new you, new year’ approach is taking on by so many people. With that being understood, Doctor Oz has released a brand new 2015 Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan called Total 10.

total 10 nutrition planWhile there’s a seemingly unlimited amount of diet advice available on the Internet, which you would think be good for dieters, it is usually a think again mentality and proceed with caution reality. Unfortunately most diet information available is actually fairly useless whereas Total 10 Weight Loss is keen on setting the nutrition and dieting guidelines higher than ever before.

In comparison to the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Diet, even worse, some desperate diet myths have been developed due to misinformation and poorly qualified studies and advice.

Total 10 Nutrition Diet Myths

Here are six of the most common diet myths that you can avoid and still lose weight:

Myth #1 – Eating late at night is bad for you

You’ve probably had the urge to eat a late night snack and had someone tell you that its’ going to cause you to gain weight. While it is true that we are more likely to binge eat later at night, consuming a healthy snack is not going to suddenly make you fat.

Remember it’s WHAT you eat and NOT WHEN you eat that is important. If you have the urge for something late at night, having a healthy snack is perfectly fine. Just don’t overdo it.

Myth #2 – Subbing regular soda for diet soda will help you lose weight

Soda drinkers beware – diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda. In fact, new studies indicate that the artificial sweeteners may be worse than the high sugar content found in soda. Realistically it’s probably best if you just avoid soda all together or at least as best as you can.

Myth #3 – Eating fat will make me fat

It is frustrating that this is even a myth given the amount of data available. Consuming the right kinds of fat is not going to make you fat. In fact, fat plays a very important role in our everyday lives so making sure you eat the right kinds of fat is essential to your health. Just avoid the trans fats found in fried foods.

Myth #4 – Strength training will bulk me up

Women in particular commonly feel like strength training will bulk them up too much. While strength training might increase your muscle mass slightly, you’re not going to get massive just by doing some minor to moderate strength training on a weekly basis. Strength training will help rev up your metabolism and help you tone your muscles though, which is better once you reach you end goal.

Myth #5 – Skipping meals will increase weight loss

You need to consume a certain amount of calories each day just for proper nutrition and maintenance. If you skip eating, you’re going to lose weight but it isn’t going to be a healthy kind of weight loss. Plus, studies have shown that you’re much more likely to consume more calories per day than you normally wood if you a skip a meal. This is because you’re likely to eat the calories from the meal you skipped and then some at your next meal. Don’t skip meals and eat at least three meals a day.

Myth #6 – Spending hours on a treadmill is the only way to lose weight

For some reason people still believe a treadmill is the answer to their weight loss. Studies have shown that shorter spans of high intensity interval training burns much more fat than just walking or jogging. If you want to maximize your fat loss through exercise, HIIT is what you should do.

Remember that Dr Oz has his “Total 10 Weight Loss and Total 10 Anti-Aging” plans available for anyone who visits his website today.